We supply parts, sundries, accessories and workshop tools for

  • Heavy and Light Goods Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Coaches and Buses
  • Special Purpose Vehicles (Road Sweepers, Gritters etc.)

We only supply O.E, O.E.M or Aftermarket parts of known quality from either the original manfacturer or a reputable distributor.
We operate strict stock rotation policies to ensure the integrity of brake parts and other safety critical  items with rubber components.

We are members of the Independent Components Distributors group  and International Motor Trade Factors Associated which gives us access to lower prices through our increased purchasing volumes and up to date information from the Manufacturers.


Whether you want to replace all the batteries in your fleet or just want a single item we will be happy to help.

Call us on 01492 548838 we can save you time, trouble and money!